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What is Japan Traditional Arts Academy?
Japan Traditional Arts Academy is an organization that aims to have everyone experience and learn about Japanese traditional arts, fine arts, handicrafts... etc.
in an easy and enjoyable way.

While continuing passing on traditions, new arts can be created by integrating modern sensation and technologies together.

フェイスブックへ ユーチューブへ

In this academy, everyone can learn about Japan
regardless of ethnicity, gender, or age.
In addition, anyone can participate in the
creative process.
This academy is not just an academy, but a community.

The works created at this academy are the collaborative creation of tradition, modern, and people. They are artistic, beneficial, and educational.

Department Head

Music Department Head : Tomoya Nakai
Fine Art Department Head : Gatarou Zetsu


Japanese Orchestra : Seika Shimamura
Shakuhachi/Satsuma Biwa : Tomoka Nagasu
Flute : Tosha Suiho
Harp : Aya Horigome
Cello : Yasuyo Higuchi
Percussion : Hitomi Aikawa
Kantele : Eva Alkula

Visiting professor

Astrology : Kaori Mayumi
Lifesaving : Kuni Mouri